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    1. National Hotline:0310-8852088 8852099

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      ADD:No. 1 Chenguang Road, Quzhou

               County, Hebei Province

      Zip Code:057250

      TEL:+86-0310-8852088  8852099




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      About Us

      HANDAN CHENGUANG PRECIOUS OIL CO., LTD. is solely invested by CHENGUANG BIOTECH GROUP CO., LTD., which is an export-oriented enterprise and a leading enterprise in industrialized agriculture in China . On the 5th of November 2010, CHENGUANG BIOTECH GROUP CO.,LTD. was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, it has XINJIANG CHENGUANG, XINJIANG CHENXI, KASHI CHENGUANG, TIANJIN CHENGUANG and PLANT PROTEIN BRANCH, etc, 23 subsidiary companies. 

      HANDAN CHENGUANG PRECIOUS OIL CO., LTD. is located at No. 1 Chenguang Road, Quzhou County, Hebei Province with beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation. The company has brought in international advanced technology and facilities of natural extraction and refinement. It is a high & new enterprise engages in extracting, researching, developing, manufacturing and commercialing oil products. 

      Our company’s main products include special vegetable oils such as Wheat Germ Oil , Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Linseed oil , Walnut oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. Raw materials of three of these products are from Xinjiang Province, which possesses superior and natural sources. The unique geographical advantage endows the products with naturalness, freshness, healthfulness and nutrition. 

      The serial of high class edible healthful oils "Silu Chenguang" is rich in non-saturated fatty acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, many vitamins and nutrients, which is ideal and mighty healthful for human body.  At present, as base oil, our products are supplied to cosmetic enterprises, health product enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises,etc.

      Manufacturing strictly under national food standards and regulations, we have passed ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification and founded perfect quality guarantee system, equipped with systematical examine instruments, which guarantees the quality of our products. Chenguang products are always born at high standard, high class. We adhered to our business philosophy: “strives for survival on the basis of quality, for achievement on the basis of technology, for development on the basis of variety, and for efficiency on the basis of management”. “Concentrate essence of plants; devote green health”.