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    1. National Hotline:0310-8852088 8852099

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      ADD:No. 1 Chenguang Road, Quzhou

               County, Hebei Province

      Zip Code:057250

      TEL:+86-0310-8852088  8852099




      Current Location:HOME>>HOME>>About Us>>Culture


            Core value:Developing with you together.
            The enterprise and people consist not only Chenguang and Chenguang staff,but also peasant,supplier,client,partner,direct customer,indirect customer and so on.Developing together is a process being better dynamicly.
            We advocate the spirit of Hard working, innovation and devotion! Staff should work actively, love the factory and sacrifice self-consciously for the company’s development and staff’s future. Company respects staff’s labor, guarantees staff’s rights and set up platform for stafff’s development. The process of enterprise’s progress is also staff’s improving process! Stockholder, customer, supplier, partner, staff and society all can benefit from company’s development, thus achieving the biggest benefits all-win harmony.
      Mission:Natural essence for human health.
            Chenguang’s industry attributes is located at deriving from natural essence.As a new high-tech enterprise,based on respect,understanding and satisfying customer’s request,by the means of technical innovation, for the purpose of restoring healthy life,Chenguang Follows the principle of product quality, extracting natural essence, Constantly creates the added value of products, restores healthy life.
            The purpose of Chenguang is for human health and an unchangeable responsibility and the dynamism leading staff to keep forging ahead. Taking advantage of science ,Chenguang aims at creating a colorful future for human, a better life style for society, a sustainable development platform for staff. This is the motivation of Chenguang to achieve the grand vision.