Let’s talk about contour lines. We talked about the way to go around. It exists forever and is a technology that will not disappear quickly. This does not mean that it is scary or time-consuming. In Jane Iredale, it is a practical make-up for beauty and real women. So we developed the GreatShape Contour Kit.

Great shape contour kit and vegan contour brush

This contour kit is perfect for those who want to learn to bypass the function and to find easy-to-use options from a clean makeup brand. It has matte outline powder, highlighter and red on the pallet, it comes in a warm and cool shade.

I learned about the simple statistics of GreatShape Contour Kit, so let’s talk about how to use it.

How to turn around using GreatShape Contour Kit
Follow these three steps when using the GreatShape Contour Kit to contour lines and highlights.

Carry out the structure of your bone with contour powder. I want to make a shadow everywhere.
Brighten the highlights of your face with the powder’s highlighter pen and highlight your favorite features.
Please improve your cheek with a blushing feeling.
To see the actual behavior of the GreatShape Contour Kit, try a simple tutorial with three steps.

Contour 101
Learn outlines and high-end techniques to complement your specific face shape.

I answered your contour question
When should I apply the overview?
We recommend that you use silhouettes, highlights, brushes after applying the foundation. Some people like to make makeup of their eyes before going around but you can do it before completing a smokey eye (or fast mascara application).

Do I need to use a hot or cold contour kit?
Whether you are wearing a warm or cool contour kit depends on your skin tone and the look you want to get. Similarly, if you want to choose an appropriate shade for your skin color, choose a shade that mimics your skin tone for natural appearance and a shade opposite shade for a more dramatic appearance is needed.

Due to the natural contour …
For WARM or golden people, you need to select hot contour kit.
People with COOL or pink shades need to choose the Cool Contour Kit.
For a dramatic overview …
For WARM and golden people, you need to choose a kit with a cool contour.
For people with COOL or pink shades, you need to select a hot contour kit.
Cool Great Shape Outline Kit
Which brush should I use for Contour?
The selected brush also depends on the appearance you create. Two possible favorite brushes are contour brush and mix brush. They are super soft vegan shrubs with non-animal hair and you can use them individually or together to create a perfect sculptural look.

Vegan contour brush
Contour brush
The contour brush is a large flat textured brush with firm hair to shape the cheekbones, forehead, jaws and even the nose. He will give you this contour in the form of Adèle!

Start mixing / contour brush
Blend / Contour Brush
Mix / contour brush enhances features and mixing with medium angle multi-purpose brush of wide angle. Use this brush to apply the shadow of the contour of the three-sided face.

When applying highlight shades, we recommend brand / contour brush for soft and bright effect. You can also use this brush to make your favorite white bubble brush red.

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