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    COME AND SEE US INMEX Vietnam 2017 Booth No.K22 29th~31st ,March 2017


    Date:2016-01-19   Click:


    Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment

    Fabric Material: Polyester

    Buoyancy Material: EPE

    Buoyancy: 275N (RSCY-A3)            155N (RSCY-A9)

    Size: 720*320*150mm (RSCY-A3)       610*320*115mm (RSCY-A9)

    Accessories: Whistle、buddy line、lifting loop.

    Foldable,can be stored easily,There are buoyancy block behind head, can keep head over water.High break strength buckle, 400cm2 reflective tape275N lifejacket is intended primarily for offshore use under extreme conditions and by people who are carrying significant weights and thus require additional buoyancy.

    Certificate: CCS/EC/ZY  

    Packing details:

    Each lifejacket packed with one transparent nylon bag then 10 pieces lifejacket packed with a carton

    10kg net/11kg gross/0.33m3/carton  RSCY-A3

    9kg net/10kg gross/0.275m3/carton  RSCY-A9




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