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    COME AND SEE US INMEX Vietnam 2017 Booth No.K22 29th~31st ,March 2017


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    Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment

    Outer Material: Polyester with TPU coated

    Buoyancy Material: PE

    Design: inherently buoyancy,can be used without lifejacket. There is a pillow behind ,keep head over water.

    Accessories: Lifejacket light, whistle,stainless steel harness.

    Size:     S: 1500-1650mm    M: 1650-1800mm    L: 1800-1950mm    XL: 1950-2050mm

    Thermal protective:The body temperature will not be 2 lower than normal temperature after immersing in the 0~2 static water for 6 hours.

    Certificate: CCS/EC/ZY  

    Packing details:

    one immersion suit packed in a bag and 2 set packed with a carton

    9kg net/10kg gross/0.088m3/carton


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