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    COME AND SEE US INMEX Vietnam 2017 Booth No.K22 29th~31st ,March 2017

    Test kit for Immersion suit

    Date:2016-01-19   Click:


    Use air pump or external gas source,test the immersion suits air tightness by inflating gas to it,repair the air leakage part

    Suitable for all Ronggui immersion suit

    Tools composition:1. 2 pcs face fixture,1 pc presure gauge,  1 set valve connection,1 pc hand pump2. 1 pair Patch Fabrics,1 pc glue,  1 pc scissors,1 pc hairbrush1 pc chalk  

    Packing details: each test kit packed in one carton.

    4kg net/5kg gross/0.02cbm/carton



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