So, do you want easy take-up prevention measures and want to use make-up regularly? Please help us. We are not making up with DV, but for the first time in this Shann you, we can find these makeup tips for beginners for reasons like you: Makeup works.

We broke makeup trips to pieces that are not difficult to digest for beginners. This simple makeup tutorial is everything you need to take the first step with a beautiful slippery makeup slope.

Make your skin first
Skincare makeup for beginners

This is not a big surprise. Your makeup will be easier if your skin is well prepared and hydrated.

Make sure your skin is well cleaned, then go with the toner using a cotton pad. Then follow the usual skin care procedures.

If you are in a hurry, the two most important products you should not forget are your moisturizer and sunscreen. In fact, even if you are not wearing make-up you should use them.

DV Tips for Makeup for Beginners: Many cosmetics are advertised with sunscreen ingredients. However, beginners of make-up are always encouraged to apply sunscreen as part of care before making up.

The extra sunscreen received from your makeup should be treated as a bonus, not an appropriate sunscreen substitute.

2. Apply primer
Make for beginners

If you read the contents of American cosmetics, the primers may be able to polarize – some people can not live without them, others do not matter to them, others say it I complain about breaking it.

However, in hot and humid areas of Singapore and Southeast Asia, the foundation is considered indispensable, especially when there is a combination with oily skin. They play an important role in controlling your oil production and your makeup will help you live longer all day.

DV makeup tips for beginners: If you are unsure whether your skin is primed or not, try an affordable well-studied drug store brand.

3. Apply to the Foundation

Since the Foundation’s declaration requires a totally different article, we will explain it briefly and briefly here.

With a flowing foundation, we want to drop behind the hands before applying it on your face with your fingers or brushes.

TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Makeup Tip: Be sure to check the closeup of the mirror after fixing the foundation to make sure that you do not leave a brush stroke or fingerprint on your foundation. They are painfully evident with office neon lights!

Furthermore, spread your foundation to the neck. If your face is different from your neck, this is not a flattering look!

For tips on how to find your perfect basic tone, I also write a guide!

4. Installing the cache
Should I use a foundation or concealer for the first time? It is a matter of makeup world that biases as much people as the question of whether chicken or egg came first.

What we say, whatever your boat is swimming. You can try both methods and see which results you like.

First, test the thickness of the concealer in the back of the hand before applying it to the area under the eyes and hills.

For very thick markers, small pads provide sufficient coverage. You will not be using too much concealer that you feel too heavy in front of you because you are too cake.

Remember: mix, mix, mix! The rough makeup line is no no. You can tap and mix easily (please do not wipe). Extra hint: Your subcutaneous eyes are slightly stretched, so you can mix easily.

DV Tips for Makeup for Beginners: Liquid products and cream products should always be applied before powder products. This means there is no option that the concealer must come before your foundation when using a powder foundation and a liquid concealer.
why? Powder can sit on liquid or cream to prevent slippage, but it is not the other way. Just like your skin, liquids and creams may not work with powder.

Also, when using other cream base products such as brush, reflection, bronzer etc., it is necessary to use it before all powder products such as powder foundation and fixed powder.

5. Make your face with CONCEALER underwear
If you are using a liquid concealer with your liquid foundation, this is a good time to put your eyes on.

Many of us tend to draw thin lines under our eyes (otherwise count your lucky stars!). This means that our subcutaneous orthodontists are prone to crusting in these lines. This is called “wrinkle”.

If you apply a small amount of powder to the subcutaneous concealer after use, the liquid and cream will not slip and the number of wrinkles will decrease.

But if you still see them at the end of the day, do not worry. Most markers can not completely eliminate wrinkles, but good ones will reduce the appearance of these thin lines.

Those with oily skin can use the powder for the remaining part to suppress the production of oil during the day.

For mixed skin type, please use only powder in oily area. Please do not dry too much in the normal area.

DV Tip for Make-up for Beginners: For subcutaneous straighteners, many people use a tight powder brush or velvet puff (flat and smooth surface), suitable for under the eyes of compression powder I want to pack it in.

6. Drag BROWS.
Eyebrows were a negligible feature of makeup that was hardly done in the past, but in recent years people have focused on them.

Please make sure your eyebrows are already well maintained. You can choose bleached hair yourself, or you can carve and refine your eyebrows with a professional brewing salon.

There are many ways to draw eyebrows, but it is necessary to write another article, but it depends on whether you really want to see your face. Most Singaporeans tend to pick rich arches in nature.

If you do not know what you like and do not want to spend too much please add a vertical movement to imitate the extra hair along the natural shape of the eyebrows.

To comb the hair of your eyebrows and mix pigments, you usually use a bobbin with eyebrow pin.

DV Tip for Makeup for Beginners: Let’s get brewed products that match your current hair. It does not have to be 100% perfect, but do not go outside to attract people’s attention in front of the rest of your face.

If your hair is funky color you do not need to look for a blue or green eyebrow pencil! Instead, please try to reshape your eyebrows to match the overall darkness and color of your hair.

In any case, do not leave home without leaving. You can do without making your eyes makeup, but you can not on your eyebrows!

7. Make your eyes
Makeup of eyes is a good product, but it is not necessary especially for beginners’ makeup.

They usually need the most skills and practice, so you will have a perfect time at home before you are ready to debut openly.

DV tips for makeup for beginners:

Draw for the liner as close as possible to your lashes. You want to avoid the ugly gap between your eyelashes and your eyeliner.

Because of the shadow of the eyes, I’d definitely like to book some free time practicing rather than trying it out early in the morning before leaving for work. It will not work.

Please watch as many YouTube tutorials as possible and understand how people mix and match colors. The shadow of warm color tends to be superior to the color tone of Asian skin, and it is now in fashion.

Eye shadow also tends to wrinkle all day if eyelids are fat, especially. To solve this problem, invest in the good foundation of eye shadow. They are blessed.

Makeup for beginners Sephora Professional Platinum Eyelash and eyebrow comb

In case of mascara, use eyelash comb – you need to buy them separately, but they are truly worthwhile. They will loosen your mascara and help to separate your lashes for even more intense effect. Please be careful not to see your eyes!

8. Apply broth
Four different ways to apply red; Source: Marie Claire

If you leave home alone with the foundation, you might look horrible and thin. The foundation knocks the natural redness of your face, so you need to return it.

Red is usually necessary for most people, right color shades of correct intensity can be very flattering.

Red is mostly applied in a slight U shape, from the temple to the highest point of the cheekbones next to the nose. If you want to make it look like Pikachu, do not forget to blend the blush well!

DV Tip for Makeup for Beginners: If you do not want to spend too much money on makeup try the products sold as “lipstick and teak tincture”.

Since these products are usually liquid or cream formulations, please be sure to apply them to the face before using powder products.

They also tend to dry and dye your skin very quickly, so if you use them, work fast!

9. Light bar, bronze, contour line

These three products are optional in our opinion than other products. Although they are popular in the United States, they are highly regarded, but Asians are looking at the usual appearance without a detour.

Of course, pharmacies always have lots of quality and affordable options, so you can try experimenting

10. Paste lip stick

The wonderful lipstick world is too big for us to explain at some point, but let’s try it.

If you have a lip pencil, create a guide for your lipstick and pull the outer edge of your lip to prevent lipstick from leaking.

Makeup lipstick 1 for beginners 1

If you do not have a lip pencil, please go directly to lipstick application. Add lipstick and draw “X”. Your Cupid’s bow will make it easier to draw more accurately in this difficult place and will continue as usual.

What you are aiming for is a clear and clean line along the shape of your lip. This may require some exercise before doing it completely – Do not be afraid to clean up the mistake with a cotton swab cleaned with a makeup remover!

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