Do you know this moment around 3 pm? Do you recognize that eye shadow that spent more time this morning melted, faded or wrinkled, when you saw your reflection? We all had this moment! Fortunately, there are three steps that have experience, wisdom, and help stop the eye shadow line.

Eye shadow make-up stops wrinkle
1. Hide (at Foundation)
Let’s start by hiding our eyes. This guarantees that your makeup is the focus, not under the cute eyes or dark circles under your eyes. Here are the tips: Please apply PurePressed Base or Amazing Base under your face and your eyes before taking your concealer.

You can ask “Why?” Our Multitasking Powder Foundation is a 4 in 1 product, but, of course it is based, but it also has a wide range of SPF protection function, skin care merit, and a function as a concealer. Even if you like the pressed powder or loose powder, you can start a good start by hiding the dark circle. As a result, you can reduce the use of concealer and prevent the formation of wrinkles under your eyes.

There are fewer when using Concealer. Also, please remove the eye shadow drop after completing eye makeup. There is a quick recollection to help you choose a concealer under your eyes:

Second place
If you prepare your eyes on the foundation, please wipe your eyelids with sweet eyes. This product will not only give you a pure color touch, but will also help to keep your eyelids throughout the day. The undercoat also helps to stop the sun by folding, filling and agglomerating the eye shadow. As a bonus, our eyelids minimize the appearance of eyelid textures (opium, lines, wrinkles) and make your eyelids the perfect canvas for the eye shadow effect.

Color and definition
You hid it. You prepared. You are now ready for C – O – L – O – R. Please complete your face with eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara.

The hint on choosing the correct color is to select eye makeup on the opposite shade of the color wheel of the eye color. Do I need a proposal? Here is a bit remembered of the best eye shadow for your eye color.

When applying eye shadow, apply a light hue to the area to be highlighted or highlighted, and apply a dark hue to the area you want to delete. So, if you are deepening your eyes, please paint a bright shade in front of you, not in front of you, advance your eyes. If you want to create a high eyebrow illusion, add a highlighter to the eyebrow bone.

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