Makeup may be a little difficult even for a dedicated makeup lover or even just a make-up person who seems to be visible. You will not hurt to rotate your sleeve several times so that you can use this magic. We have compiled a list of 25 simple eye makeup tips for all beginners overwhelmed by all that we found in the makeup world.

Do not worry, I came back! Just keep these hints simple when you look at you, you go directly to experts from beginners.

Eyeliner may be an important element for you, but it is one of the most basic steps of makeup in your eyes. It gives you the freedom to work in the shape of your eyes, emphasize them and fill in all sparse eyelashes. It depends on the texture of the eyeliner and the preference of how it is applied (clearly defined or painted).

Let’s see the hints and techniques of this step.

Please make sure your eyelids are clean, then apply the primer so that the makeup on the eye does not get dirty, please fasten it long.
Place the eyeliner as close as possible to the eyelash line so that it looks like your natural eyelash line to make your eyelashes thicker. This is called tight lining. Make a dotted line from the outside to the inner corner and connect the dots (you can mix the dots with a smooth line using a stiff diagonal brush).
Make sure that the edge of your liner is thin and dull, get precision, get a perfect shape. You can also freeze the eyeliner to prevent it from collapsing before you make the eyeliner sandy.
To get a perfect winged liner, use a liquid liner – start from the base of the eyelashes of the pupil and work towards the corner. If your hand is not enough for a liquid liner, please align your eyes with a pencil and trace with a pencil.
(If you are in a hurry, you need to skip liquid coating for your best interest!)

To have smoky eyes, there is a tendency to be soft and creamy, so please choose a pencil. You can also blur easily with smoky eyes with a smoky brush.
As you get older, you choose a more subtle color like brown for a more elegant appearance and apply mascara to complete a simple appearance.

Note: While painting the eyeliner, always look down and face down. This will give you symmetry.

Mascara Tips
Eye Makeup Tips – Mascara Tips for Beginners
Do not you think that mascara is completely changing your eyes and giving you extra hiss? Magical mascara wand makes you look bright and youthful. That is the total game changer and the only drama I love.

Here are some important tips for using Bang – On Mascara.

Always use your mascara from the eyelash roots to hints. This will bulk your eyelashes quickly and will not overload them.
After applying the mascara layer, wait for about 10 seconds to apply the second coat (if necessary). In this way your lashes will not clump!
Wipe off the extra mascara of the cloth with a wand before use so that the operation is easy and does not become lumpy (please avoid awful spider eyelashes).
Before wearing mascara, you always need to roll eyelashes with high quality shaper. When you go with the curl, attach the manufacturer of your eyelashes to the last base and hold firmly.
The way to keep your mascara is important! Your wand keeps level for stronger and upright eyelashes (especially lower eyelashes) due to a more natural appearance.
If you want to lengthen your mascara, pull the wand to stop the pump (this will send air to dry the product). Please rotate so as not to dry.
Note: For best results, the mascara must be the last step in eye composition.

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