As you know, the world has recently received revelation of health and fitness. Suddenly thanks to the internet, it is much easier to see how we deal with our bodies, what we should bring. We are currently focusing on health and understanding the impact of our health on our well-being and quality of life. There is no doubt that a huge blogger community on health and fitness will help you on this journey. The only problem? Overloading of unregulated information can often make better health and health tips a real challenge. Here we gathered a list of the top ten women’s health and fitness blogs to work hard for you, to inspire and educate ways of transitioning to a better life.

Kayla Itsines

2015 is definitely the year of Kayla Itsines, making this humble personal trainer Adelaide a worldwide feeling. Through her bikini body guide, Kayla transformed the body of women all over the world. In his blog, you can find practical tips on nutrition and health and practical tips for eating health during the holidays.

2nd Grand Master

Greatist is a perfect blog for those who love reading. With rich educational information and verified information, Greatist wants to be a realistic, cheerful and legitimate one while teaching the knowledge to the reader. This blog post includes topics such as Eat, Move, Play, Grow, Connect, Discover. The most useful section? Recipes for real people who provide quick and affordable healthy diet ideas.

3. Delicious Ella
Fortunately, Ella is the creation of Ella Woodward ‘s inspiration. Ella created a blog after diagnosing a rare condition that causes heart palpitations, fatigue, and severe digestive problems. To restore her health, Ella turned to a vegetable diet and gave up meat, dairy products, sugar and gluten. She is using her blog now to share healthy and delicious recipes with the world!

4. Fitness with toast
Toast fitness was initiated by Swedish personal trainer Faya Nilsson. This lifestyle blog contains topics for fitness, fashion, nutrition, and travel, and also includes unique areas. In Fitness on Toast, you can find great content, detailed training, recipes for interviews with Elle Macpherson as well as great pictures.

5. I finish sugar
I leave the sugar made by Sarah Wilson and, as its name suggests, I work to remove sugar from food. We all know that sugar is bad, but it is a component of so many products that it may be difficult to eliminate from sugar. This blog will help daily articles, including recipes and hints to reduce consumption of sugar and lead a healthier life.

6. JS Health by Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is a dietician behind the JS Health blog. For years, Jessica, who was suffering from food relations, found inner peace of mind and health as focusing on treating his body rather than losing weight. JS Health is a platform to share hints of their healthy lifestyle with the world today.

7. Deluxe Sports
Developed by Bianca Cheah, Sporteluxe is a health-focused lifestyle blog. In this blog, we receive a lot of contributions from industry experts, including latest news and useful tips and expert opinion. Categories include health, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, beauty.

B. Livewear
B. livewear was created by Belinda Norton-Smith. In this blog, a healthy mom shares important tips on food and fitness as you know her style with her, her family and her style. Belinda is also a beginner’s teacher and a woman who can not stop!

9. Secret Secret
Skinny Confidential was developed by Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts of San Diego, California. By concentrating on wellness and balancing fitness, health, relationships, fashion, beauty, Rolling uses this blog to enter his world. I do not expect discussion about sports science, but I can find a lot of inspiration and entertainment. This blog is full of joy and is perfect for reading Sleepy Sunday.

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